Teaching Staff

Program Directors

Yasushi Sekiya

Founding Director
Specially Appointed Professor, Kanda University of International Studies

Gordon Myskow

Associate Professor, Kanda University of International Studies
Greetings from the MA TESOL Program of Kanda University of International Studies! Our program focuses on developing English language teachers as up-to-date, active professionals who are able to make decisions about teaching that help their students become successful users of English. We emphasize the practice of classroom teaching across the curriculum of the program. We believe that reflective teaching practices are the foundation of professional expertise. Our program also stresses interaction and collaboration, with teachers working together on assignments and projects as part of their professional development. We strive for the KUIS MA TESOL Program to be the shared home of a supportive community of teachers who help each other improve English language education in Japan. In no other program will teachers receive the same level of input about teaching, opportunities to practice (and explore in their practice), and helpful feedback from a supportive community of fellow teachers.

External Consultants

Kensaku Yoshida

Professor Emeritus, Sophia University English education in Japan is presently facing major challenges, such as the lowering of the age at which English is taught in elementary school, overhaul of university entrance exams, pros and cons of teaching English through English, the setting of educational objectives in the form of CAN-DO statements, etc. Despite the significance and amount of issues lying before us, there are still very few Japanese teachers of English who are capable of coping with them. Being conducted in English, the TESOL program of Kanda University of International Studies offers the opportunity to not only Japanese teachers of English but also foreign teachers teaching in Japan to acquire the professional knowledge necessary to contribute to the solving of these issues.

Rod Ellis

Professor, University of Auckland Good TESOL programs reflect the interface between theory and practice in their curriculum. Such an interface is essential for developing expertise in teaching English as a second/ foreign language. In this respect the Kanda University of International Studies’ TESOL program is exemplary. It provides a wide-ranging set of required and elective courses that address all the major areas of TESOL and does so by demonstrating the theoretical underpinnings of good practice while also providing opportunities for students to draw on their own experience of teaching or learning English and to develop their teaching skills. My own contribution to the program reflects this theory-practice interface. I teach an elective course on task-based language teaching (TBLT). My interest in TBLT derives from my conviction that how we teach English a second/foreign language has to accord with how learners learn it. TBLT reflects this by emphasizing meaning-making in conjunction with a focus on linguistic form. It aims to develop the interactional and linguistic competence that all learners need to become effective communicators in English as a second language. Such an approach is especially important in the Japanese context where there are few opportunities to use English communicatively outside of the classroom.

Past and Current Teaching Staff

1 Dwight Atkinson Professor, University of Arizona
2 Donna M. Brinton Lecturer, University of California
3 Charles Browne Researchmap Professor, Meiji Gakuin University
4 Rod Ellis Professor, Curtin University
5 John F. Fanselow Professor Emeritus, Columbia University Teachers College
6 Thomas S.C. Farrell Professor, Brock University
7 Gavin Furukawa Associate Professor, Sophia University
8 Gregory Paul Glasgow Researchmap Associate Professor, KUIS
9 Chris Carl Hale Researchmap Associate Professor, Akita International University
10 John Hedgcock Professor Emeritus, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
11 Noriko Ishihara Researchmap Professor, Hosei University
12 Yasuko Ito Researchmap Professor, KUIS
13 Daniel O. Jackson Researchmap Professor, KUIS
14 Satoko Kato Researchmap Associate Professor, KUIS
15 Masaki Kobayashi Researchmap Professor, KUIS
16 Aya Matsuda Professor, Arizona State University
17 Paul Kei Matsuda Professor, Arizona State University
18 Tim Murphey Researchmap Visiting Professor, KUIS
19 Jo Mynard Researchmap Professor, KUIS
20 Gordon Myskow Researchmap Associate Professor, KUIS
21 Nena Nikolic Lecturer, KUIS
22 Siwon Park Researchmap Professor, KUIS
23 Hayo Reinders Professor, Unitec Institute of Technology
24 Yasushi Sekiya Researchmap Professor, KUIS
25 William Snyder Researchmap Lecturer, KUIS
26 Makiko Tanaka Researchmap Professor, KUIS
27 Scott Thornbury Associate Professor, The New School
28 Hisako Yamashita Associate Professor, Kobe Shoin Women's University
29 Kensaku Yoshida Professor Emeritus, Sophia University
30 Paul R. Underwood Professor, Toyo Eiwa University