Japanese Language and Culture Program (Ryugakusei Bekka)

The perfect environment for international students who wish to study Japanese

The Japanese Language and Culture Program was established in September 2000 and have been offering courses to international students seeking to develop their Japanese language skills.
The whole program is for one year, and students are accepted twice a year in April and September. It has a semester system, the spring semester being from April to July and the fall semester being from September to January next year. To complete the program, students are required to study for one academic year and acquire 28 credits in total: 16 credits from compulsory courses and 12 credits from elective courses.

*Currently, applicants must be studying at one of our partner universities. Prospective applicants should first contact the home university's department in charge of exchange programs. Exchange students can also opt for staying for one semester.

Curriculum Policy

1.Understanding Japanese language systematically and applying (Linguistic competence)
2.Understanding and admitting verbal and non-verbal communication in using Japanese. (Sociolinguistic competence)
3.Understanding and admitting the social culture and value sense of Japan and ones' own country and their countries (Sociocultural competence)
4.Taking ownership of ones' own learning. Acquiring the habit of reflecting on ones' own study process to strengthening weak points and continuing to learn throughout ones' life. (Autonomous language learning competence)

Program Details

For details of the program, please refer to the following files. Please note that these documents are subject to change and therefore are only for your reference.


Global Engagement and Partnership Division, Kanda University of International Studies

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