GLA学部のジョアン・マイナード教授らの共著『Promoting Reflection on Language Learning: Lessons from a University Setting』が刊行

このたび、神田外語大学グローバル・リベラルアーツ(GLA)学部のジョアン・マイナード教授、ELI(※1)のフィービー・ライオン准教授、SALC(※2)のニール・カリー主任講師の共著『Promoting Reflection on Language Learning: Lessons from a University Setting』が刊行されました。
※1 ELI: English Language Instituteの略。英語のコミュニケーション能力を、英語教員や他の学生と協働で磨く場。
※2 SALC:Self-Access Learning Centerの略。学習者が自分に合った学習法を見つけ、自らの学びに責任をもつ能力(学習者オートノミー)を身につけるための自立学習支援施設・コミュニティ。

This book brings together a wide range of studies, practical applications and reflective accounts written by academics working at a university in Japan to present a cohesive overview of their collaborative efforts to promote learner reflection within their institution. The book contributes to a shift in language education towards promoting learner responsibility and ownership of their learning through developing a deeper sense of awareness of and motivation for the learning process. It makes a convincing case for showing that not only is promoting reflection possible, but it can also be effectively integrated into language learning activities with significant benefits to the learners. The chapters are highly practical for researchers and practitioners, with the research chapters containing instruments which make them ideal for replication studies. The text includes a wealth of practical tools and activities for practitioners, who will be able to experience first-hand how to facilitate student success and increase satisfaction.

書 名:『Promoting Reflection on Language Learning: Lessons from a University Setting』
出版社:Multilingual Matters Ltd
サイズ・頁数:234mm x 156mm、376頁
価 格:$59.95(税別)
著 者:ジョアン・マイナード(神田外語大学教授)、フィービー・ライオン(神田外語大学准教授)、ニール・カリー(神田外語大学主任講師)
Foreword. Hayo Reinders
Part 1: Setting the Scene
Chapter 1. Jo Mynard, Neil Curry and Phoebe Lyon: Promoting Reflection on Language Learning: Introduction
Chapter 2. Neil Curry: Overview of the Institutional and Educational Context
Part 2: Theoretical Constructs
Chapter 3. Jo Mynard: Promoting Reflection on Language Learning: A Brief Summary of the Literature
Chapter 4. Satoko Kato: Reflecting through Dialogue
Part 3: Insights from Initial Studies
Chapter 5. Phoebe Lyon, Amanda J. Yoshida, Heather Yoder, Ewen MacDonald, Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa and Neil Curry: Fostering Learner Development through Reflection: How the Project Started
Chapter 6. Neil Curry, Phoebe Lyon, Amanda J. Yoshida, Heather Yoder, Ewen MacDonald and Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa: Developing Instruments and Tools to Examine Reflection in Our Context
Chapter 7. Ross Sampson: Encouraging Introspection on Speaking Performance in Class: Findings from Student Reflections
Part 4: Intervention Studies
Chapter 8. Ewen MacDonald: Tools and Techniques for Helping Language Learners Manage their Target Language Use in the Classroom
Chapter 9. Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa and Ewen MacDonald: A Reflection Intervention: Investigating Effectiveness and Students' Perceptions
Chapter 10. Amanda J. Yoshida: Learner Reflection on Group Work and Leadership Skills
Chapter 11. Christine Pemberton and Jo Mynard: Promoting and Evaluating Students' Development of Self-Directed Language Learning and Reflective Abilities
Chapter 12. Allen Ying and Haruka Ubukata: Understanding the Effectiveness of Reflection on Fluency Writing and Grammar Logs
Part 5: Reflection and Technology
Chapter 13. Charlotte Lin and Jo Mynard: Considerations for Promoting Reflection on Language Learning with Technology: Insights from Stakeholders
Chapter 14. Jared R. Baierschmidt: Incorporating Reflective Practices into a Class about Learning English through Video Games
Chapter 15. Prateek Sharma: Facilitating Student Reflection Using an Online Platform
Chapter 16. Robert Stevenson and Phillip A. Bennett: Reflective Practice for Transformative Learning in a MOOC Course
Part 6: Tools and Activities for Promoting Reflection in Practice
Chapter 17. Yuri Imamura and Isra Wongsarnpigoon: Promoting Reflective Dialogue through Introductory Self-Directed Learning Courses
Chapter 18. Huw Davies and Amelia Yarwood: Training Reflective Learners: Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Reflective Activities in a Self-Study Module
Chapter 19. Malgorzata Polczynska, Jeffrey Goncalves and Eduardo Castro: Fostering Interactive Reflection on Language Learning through the Use of Advising Tools
Part 7: Retrospective Reflections
Chapter 20. Haruka Ubukata and Tim Murphey: Reflective Action Logging: Well-Becoming and Learning
Chapter 21. Amanda J. Yoshida: A Teacher Learns How to Advise
Chapter 22. Phillip A. Bennett: Practice What You Teach: Supporting from Student Perspectives
Part 8: Conclusions
Phoebe Lyon: Conclusions: How Can We Promote Reflection on Language Learning?