2021年度前期の授業日程およびオリンピック・パラリンピック大会運営ボランティア参加者に対する配慮について/Schedule of Classes for the New Term, and Considerations for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Volunteers


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Schedule of Classes for the New Term, and Considerations for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Volunteers

April 9, 2021
Takahisa Miyauchi
Kanda University of International Studies

To All KUIS Students,

In the January 21 message, “Regarding the Policy on Classes in 2021,” we laid out the university’s plan to recommence in-person classes, including our strategies to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures.

Unless schools are asked to close by the Japanese government, the university intends to commit to this plan, regardless of the issuance of further emergency declarations. While some classes will continue to be offered online, the university is preparing for on campus lessons by holding certain on-campus events in April multiple times (such as the entrance ceremony, guidance for each year’s cohort of students, health checkups, Freshman Orientation, etc.) in order to spread out students during their visits to campus and therefore reduce the risk of infection. However, we recognize that with the vaccine currently in limited supply, students living with elderly or high-risk family members may not wish to participate in in-person classes. For students who prefer not to take in-person classes due to concerns related to COVID-19, the university is currently preparing for “hybrid” or “HyFlex” lessons. Hybrid and HyFlex lessons require even more preparation than in-person or online-only lessons. Therefore, to accommodate the need for additional preparation time, the spring 2021 term will begin two weeks later than usual, on the 19th of April (20th of April for the Faculty of Foreign Languages).

Last year, at the request of the government, we adjusted our term length from 15 weeks to 13 weeks to enable more students to volunteer in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The remaining two weeks were to be made up through independent study. However, this year we have not received a similar request from the government, Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee or organizing companies to treat absences from class due to volunteering as “Officially Authorized Absences.” Furthermore, the majority of volunteer organizations will allow students to adjust their schedules, regardless of how many days you have committed to working. Considering present circumstances, the university will not be treating volunteer activities as excused absences, and will hold a 15-week academic term regardless of whether the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held.

However, our university was founded upon the principle that “Languages are the foundation to link the world in peace,” and we believe independent volunteer activities are an invaluable opportunity for students’ learning. We are asking teachers to recognize the significance of volunteering at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to give consideration to students taking the initiative to volunteer (by, for example, offering alternative assignments if the student should miss class due to an educationally valuable volunteer opportunity). If your volunteer activities might conflict with your class schedule, please contact your volunteer organization to adjust your volunteer schedule. If it is not possible to reschedule your shifts, you will need to contact your teacher prior to the registration deadline to discuss whether they can offer alternative arrangements.

The faculty and staff wish everyone a fulfilling student life, and will be working together to support you for the new academic year!