Introducing my hometown!ーChen Jianwen


Hi! My name is Chen Jianwen, but everyone calls me CJ. At Kanda, I teach English to students majoring in Korean, Spanish, Chinese and English.

こんにちは!私の名前はChen Jianwenです。みんなには「CJ(先生)」と呼ばれています。KUISでは、英米語、中国語、韓国語、スペイン語専攻の学生に英語を教えています。

I have lived in Japan for over 7 years but I used to live in Kyoto as an ALT. I love coffee, photography, travel, and banana pancakes with lots of maple syrup.

I am from Singapore. It is a small island country in Southeast Asia sandwiched in between Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore is famous for the Merlion (half-lion, half-fish) and also the Marina Bay Sands, which has a swimming pool on top.

We are also famous for our cultural diversity and ethnic food. In one day, I usually have Malay food for breakfast, Chinese food for lunch and spicy Indian food for dinner – that is why I love food so much.

There are 4 main ethnic groups in Singapore, so we celebrate many festivals such as Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas.

We also celebrate our Independence Day on August 9th. It is the biggest event of the year, and most Singaporeans hang a Singapore flag outside their apartments to show their love for our country.

We also have a big celebration at the Marina Bay area where there are lots of fireworks and cultural performances. August is always an exciting month to be in Singapore.

If you have a chance, I would definitely recommend you to visit Singapore!