International Day of Peace


What holidays will you celebrate this month? Respect for the Aged Day? The beginning of Autumn? How about the holiday coming up on September 21?

今月はどんな祝日がありますか? 敬老の日? 秋分の日? 9月21日は何の祝日でしょうか。


In 1981, the United Nations established September 21st as the “International Day of Peace.” This year, the holiday will celebrate the 70th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).



The UDHR is an important document that opposes torture, slavery, and discrimination. It was written with the hope of protecting human dignity and promoting equality in the world.


The UDHR is actually the most-translated document in the world! It has been translated into over 500 different languages to share the principles of peace with people all over the world.

世界人権宣言は実に多くの言語で翻訳されています! その数は500種類以上にのぼり、世界中の人々に共有されています。


Here at KUIS, our founding principle is, “Languages are the foundation to link the world in peace.” When we learn new languages, we can share our ideas about peace in the world.