Floating Villages


July is here! Will you go to the beach for “Ocean Day” this month? How about living on the ocean?




In Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, many people live in “floating villages.” They can earn money by fishing or doing boat tours for visitors. They are called “villages” because there are floating homes, markets, schools, and even karaoke! Every day, boats come to sell food and goods, and take away the trash.


ベトナムのハロン湾には、「水上村」に住んでいる人々がいます。彼らは漁業やボートツアーをして生活しています。なぜ「村」と呼ばれているかというと、水上村には水に浮かんでいる家、市場、学校、そしてカラオケまであるからです! 毎日、食べ物や日用品を販売する船や、ゴミを回収する船が回っています。


There are about 2,000 islands and islets in Ha Long Bay. According to old stories, the islands were made by dragons! A long time ago, dragons came down from the sky to protect the Vietnamese villagers from their enemies. That’s why the name “Ha Long” means “descending dragon.” So if you visit Ha Long Bay, watch out for dragons!