April Celebrations in the World: Easter


If you were in the US on April 1st, you may have noticed that most of the department stores and supermarkets were closed. Was it an April Fool’s joke? No! This year, the Christian holiday of Easter was on April 1st.




Easter is a holiday celebrating the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Easter is widely celebrated in Europe, the Americas, and in many other countries. The holiday is always on Sunday, so the date changes each year.




If you visit a shopping center in the US, plastic Easter eggs, baskets, and Easter bunny-themed goods are sold. It is said that the Easter bunny will leave candy-filled eggs for the children. In the morning, children look for the eggs and collect them in baskets. Sometimes families will also color the shells of hard-boiled eggs with food dye to celebrate. The Easter egg is seen as a symbol of rebirth.