Introducing my hometown!ーJustin Warkentin


My name’s Justin and I am an English teacher at Kanda University. I teach reading and writing to sophomore students. I’m from the US. I’ve been living in Japan for about 1 year, but when I was a student I also did a 1-year study abroad program in Osaka.
こんにちは、ジャスティンです! 神田外語大学では英語のリーディングやライティングを2年生に教えています。私はアメリカ合衆国の出身で日本に住み始めて1年ほどですが、学生の頃には1年間、大阪に留学していました。

I enjoy the scenery in Japan, and I also love the food here — one of my favorite foods in Japan is tonkatsu.

My hometown is called Baldwinsville, New York. It’s a really small town of about 8,000 people. It’s about a 6-hour drive away from New York City, and 4 hours from Montreal, Canada.

The nature is very nice there with lots of lakes and rivers, such as the Seneca River, where people can go out in their boats. There’s this tiny island called Papermill Island in the Seneca River, and it has an amphitheater.

During the summer, a lot of local bands play there. There are concerts almost every day, and sometimes there are fireworks. In winter, we get lots of snow— about 100 inches (2.5m) every season. You can do skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice hockey—winter sports are really big there.

There’s a really big Italian-American population in Baldwinsville, so there is a lot of great Italian food. If you visit there, I recommend trying the pizza and a local dish called “chicken riggies.”
ボールドウィンズビルにはイタリア系アメリカ人の人口がとても多く、素敵なイタリア料理が沢山あります。ボールドウィンズビルに行く際は、ピザや「Chicken riggies」と呼ばれる地元料理を食べてみてください!

There are lots of pizza places – the best one is called Pizza Man – the logo is a picture of Pac-Man, but made out of pizza. They have a super thin crust pizza, you can barely pick it up, you have to scoop it up with your hands.
現地には沢山のピザ屋がありますが、その中でも一番のオススメは『Pizza Man』で、ピザで出来たパックマンがお店のロゴになっています。その店のピザは持ち上げられない程薄く作られているので、手ですくい上げて食べる必要があります。

The other dish, “chicken riggies,” is chicken and rigatoni noodles in a red sauce. “Riggies” is short for “rigatoni.” Any Italian restaurant in upstate New York will have this dish, but it’s not available in other parts of the US.
もう一方の地元料理「Chicken riggies」は赤いソースの中に鶏肉と、リガトーニという麺が入っています。「Riggies」とはリガトーニの略です。「Chicken riggies」はニューヨーク州北部にあるイタリアンレストランであれば、どこでも食べることが出来る料理です。(ただ、他の地域では食べることが出来ません!)