Introducing my hometown!ーAndy Gill


Hello! My name’s Andy. I like playing soccer and watching baseball, and I’m a big Softbank Hawks fan.


I like traveling around Japan, so I like going to places like Okinawa, Nagasaki, and Fukuoka. Nagasaki is my favorite because there’s lots of history there, and you’ve got the mountains, and the ocean, and the city is nice as well. At KUIS, I teach academic English reading and writing.


My hometown is called Slough, and it’s in England. From London, it takes about 20 minutes by train to go there.


It’s famous for two things; the first one is, it’s famous for a poem by John Betjeman, in 1937, where he asked for the town to be destroyed because it was such a horrible place.


Slough had become an industrial town between the two wars, so the poem was a criticism of these industrial towns. In the poem, he says, “Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!” Many people in England know my hometown for that.

スラウはふたつの世界大戦を通じて工業都市となり、ジョン・ベチェマンはそのような工業都市を批判しています。彼は詩のなかで「Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!」と述べています。イングランド出身の多くの人は、そのことでスラウという街を知っています。

Slough is also famous for a TV series called The Office. That’s set in Slough, and was very famous in the 2000s.

またふたつめとしてTVシリーズ「The Office」が有名です。このシリーズはスラウを舞台とし、2000年代にとても有名になりました。

Slough is very convenient for traveling to London, and it’s close to Heathrow Airport as well. It has lots of parks, lots of nature, it’s close to Windsor, which is where the Queen usually lives, so you can see Windsor Castle.


There’s lots of nature, and the climate’s warmer than most places in England, and doesn’t get so much rain. Also, if you’re visiting the U.K. in December, you should go and see the Christmas Illuminations in London. Famous landmarks and shopping streets are covered in beautiful lights and decorations, and you can really enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.