Activities to Improve Language Skills

English Language Institute (ELI)

Developing Original Educational Materials

Teachers in the English Language Institute (ELI) are the core of English language classes at our university. All teachers in the ELI have completed a master’s degree or higher in the field of linguistics or language education. ELI teachers provide a curriculum for developing the high-level English skills required in an international society. Additionally, we have devised materials and teaching methods to assist teachers in the classroom. High level classes use materials with a high level of difficulty, and elementary and intermediate level classes use materials created by teachers.
We also support teachers so that they may provide the most up-to-date language education. Teachers are encouraged to share their research results, and attend domestic and international conferences over 100 times annually. We also make use of international consultants for class and research advice, and continually research and advance our teaching methods.

Establishing Independent Study

At our university, one of our founding principles is developing independent human resources who will contribute to the world. To develop practical knowledge of foreign languages and the necessary training outside of class, the Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) and Multilingual Communication Center (MULC) have been created to support independent study. Additionally, the language professionals in the ELI provide support to increase interest in language study and understanding of foreign cultures. Through these measures, students can:
(1) Practice conversing whenever they like in the ELI Lounge
(2) Have one-on-one conversation practice at the Practice Center
(3) Receive writing support at the Writing Center
(4) Improve language skills and increase motivation for studying through various events.
During the 2010 school year, the ELI Lounge, Practice Center, and Writing Center were used by 9,302 students. So, it is clear that many students worked hard studying in the ELI.

A Lounge Where You Can Always Communicate

The ELI Lounge is a space where anyone can communicate with our foreign teachers, at any time. When learning a foreign language, training is of the utmost importance. With ELI teachers assigned to the lounge, students can communicate in English any time they wish (no appointments necessary). Conversations at the lounge are all “English Only,” and students can converse with not only teachers, but also their classmates. The ELI Lounge provides a relaxing and natural environment for students to practice what they’ve learned through speaking with their friends and teachers.

Practice Center

Students can talk with ELI professors individually or in small groups at the Practice Center. Students who need help with speaking in large groups, want advice on a presentation, or those who want to speak about a particular topic can all receive one on one guidance (appointments required). Participation in group presentations, discussions and problem solving is an important feature of all language classes at our university. Because of this, preparation during and outside of class is essential. The Practice Center can provide advice in preparing for these tasks. Conversation practice and support for English language study are but some of the wide-ranging services offered by the ELI.

Writing Center

In the writing center, students can receive support for writing in English. It is an environment for one-on-one help with questions or concerns about reports and essays (appointments required). Students can ask about whatever area they wish to improve, such as questions about writing sentences or for detailed explanations that aren’t discussed in class. Everyone in the ELI is a language education professional. They offer support not only for answering student’s questions, but also advice for language study and methods for improving language ability.