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Business people from many countries learn at KGCC. We teach Japanese that you can use from day one.

Many of KGCC's learners are business people from a diverse range of backgrounds. KGCC brings together people from many fields and nations, and encourages them to use Japanese as a common link around the world.
KGCC's highly qualified instructors are committed to excellence in teaching. They can help business people maximize their limited time for learning. Our instructors have developed practical and efficient teaching methods through years of practical experience, and they know the key to getting the best from every learner. One step out of KGCC, and learners find that they can use Japanese in real day-to-day situations.

Class Lessons

We empower learners with communicative skills.

KGCC emphasizes listening and speaking practice with text, audio and visual materials. With four to five learners in a class (and a maximum class size of eight), learners have plenty of chances to practice their skills. Reviews and practice drills reinforce the language that they are learning. Learners use recently learned skills to express themselves in Japanese within a multilingual group, thus developing their communicative skills and a real sense of achievement.

Private Lessons

We meet a broad range of customer needs.

In addition to regular classes, we offer private lessons tailored specifically to the purpose, time, and level of individual learners who want to “convey more ideas” or “communicate in reading and writing as well”. Private lessons are 100% customized. It is our pleasure and priority to be of service to customer needs. If you wish to study with friends, colleagues or family members, we also provide semi-private lessons.

Admission Procedures


  1. Select the courses that interest you

  2. Apply for and attend free sample lessons (optional)

    How to apply for our sample lessons

    Our sample lessons help you find the most suitable course.

    Sat, March 2, 2019 10:00-13:25

    Apply for our sample lessons through this website before 17:00 on the business day before the lesson date.


  3. Take a free level check (optional)

    We recommend that you take a level check test in order to select the course that best reflects your proficiency level and your needs.

    How to apply for our level check test

    1. Interview test(30 minutes)

    Reserve a level check test through this website. We accept reservations before 17:00 on the business day before the level check. Please make a reservation for three possible times as soon as possible. We will make every effort to match your first or second choice. The level check takes about 30 minutes.


    • *Please note that capacity is limited on each test date and we recommend that you book early.
  4. Register for the courses

    How to register for the courses

    Register for the courses through this website.
    You can also register at the reception of KGCC.

    Application Period: Up to Tue, March 19, 2019 @ 17:00


    At the reception of KGCC

    Mon.-Fri. 10:00-18:00

  5. Receive your course information

    Applicants who register will receive the course information by Tue, March 26, 2019

    1. 1. Course announcement and schedule
    2. 2. Tuition information
    3. 3. Terms and conditions

    The course information will be sent to each applicant's email address. If we do not have an applicant's email address, the course information will be sent by mail.

    • *Please note that all courses require a minimum number of students.
  6. Pay tuition

    Payment Due : Tue, April 2, 2019 (Payment at the reception available)

    ●Bank transfer

    KGCC Bank Account

    1. (1) Bank : Mizuho Bank (Bank Code: 0001) Kanda Branch (Branch Code: 108)
    2. (2) Account Type : Ordinary Savings Account
    3. (3) Account No : 2047443
    4. (4) Recipient : Gakkohojin Sanogakuen

    ●At the reception of KGCC (cash only)

    Office hours : Mon.-Fri.10:00-18:00

    • *Remittance charges are payer's responsibility.
    • *Let us know if you need a formal receipt for your payment by bank transfer.
    • *If the tuition payment cannot be made by the due date, please contact us.
  7. Your registration is completed

  8. Come to KGCC to start the course

    • *Please note that the starting dates are different for each course.
      Please check the date of the first class on the course schedule that is sent with the course information.
  9. Evaluation Report

    • A student evaluation report will be provided at the end of the course. (corporate students only)

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